Bridging the space and sustainable development worlds

As part of Caribou Digital, we work with governments, space agencies, development agencies and space companies. 

We use space for positive impact on society, economy and environment, for all countries.

Space provides the capability to observe, communicate and locate across the entire Earth.

This solves challenges in climate change, disaster resilience, agriculture, forestry, maritime, health, education and industry.


Support a £152M fund, the International Partnership Programme, to use space technology for benefits in developing countries.

Aiding the Earth Observation for Sustainable Development programme to define their strategy and plan from 2020–25. 

Provided a report on innovations, including space technology, to accelerate universal internet adoption.


Managed the Digital Frontiers programme providing satellite communications for mobile banking in Kenya and maternal healthcare in Nigeria.

Supported Inmarsat’s C-Level with recommendations for their developing world strategy.

Commercialisation strategy for GAF's Earth observation (EO) portfolio for the forestry sector, as part of a European Commission project.

Entry strategy into the Africa telecommunications market for Lynk (


South American conglomerate

Strategy for a satellite internet offering.



Elise Montano
Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Diogo Silva
Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Tim Hayward
Senior Director

David Taverner
Senior Director

Nicki McGoh

Niamh Barry


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